ZWALUW SOLUTIONS OPC is a people company, our passion and dedication to the growth and success of our people, can be seen in each one of our actions and initiatives.   Our team Managers, agents / advisors are an extension of your organization, you can call them your ambassador. They’re highly trained and carefully coached to project your brand values and act as ambassadors for your business. The performance of our staff is judged by key performance factors agreed with each client at the outset of our working relationship.   Once you have chosen ZWALUW SOLUTIONS OPC  as your outsourcing partner, you will be introduced to your dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through the set-up process, program your account, work with internal operations and training departments to ensure efficient implementation, and facilitate the test call period. Once your campaign goes live, your Account Manager will monitor your calls on a regular basis and ensure everything is running smoothly.   Our highly-skilled Sales/ Client Services Team are one of the main reasons why our clients prefer ZWALUW SOLUTIONS OPC  to our competitors. Many members of our team have had previous experience in the call center industry, bringing with them a true understanding of how to ensure the success of each account. Our ZWALUW SOLUTIONS OPC  Sales/ Client Services Team are 110% focused on your needs to ensure account success. Their responsibility is to provide clients with timely and accurate responses to questions and concerns and maintain an open flow of communication to ensure you achieve your business objectives. Unique is our quality control department that will control the highly quality preference of our clients.


Reduce costs and increase profits

The first advantage of out sourcing your business to a callcenter in the Philippines is the cost reduction. the biggest cost of doing business is often labor. The low cost labor and living costs in the Philippines helps to increase your profit without making concessions on quality.

Next to the low labor and living costs the Philippines brings two other great advantages. Excellent verbal and written English communication skills and available well educated personel. With English being one of the two official languages in the Philipines outcoursing to a Philippine based callcenter has great advantages to any other country based offshore callcenter. Learn here why Filipinos speak English so well
Proven Efficiency
Being in the business since 2009 we have had many successful projects, our clients are happy to share experiences and actual quality scores.
Class-A facilities and technology.
​As a fast growing callcenter we are continuing to invest in the latest technology.